Business competition and Customer Relations Online short course

Credits 2


On accreditation of this standard, the learner will be able to contribute to the cost effectiveness of the business and customer satisfaction, by demonstrating an integrated practical and theoretical understanding of competitive practice and customer relations based on quality service to the customer and sound business practices.


  • Identify the nature and extent of the service to be rendered to clients.
  • Identify the nature and extend of the services to be rendered to clients with due regard to time frames and industry within the service is rendered.
  • The concept Freight Handling Services is explained as it applies to a specific environment.
  • The different types of services are explained as they apply to a specific organisation.
  • Customer needs in a specific environment are explained in terms of services, legislation and turnover.
  • Calculate product costing.
  • Calculate product costing based on the extent and nature of service (including special arrangements as per client requirements.
  • The process of product and service costing is explained.
  • The factors that determine product and service cost are explained.
  • The influence of product costing on customer and competitive practise are explained.
  • Identify special service arrangements.
  • Explain your understanding of what constitutes freight handling services to clients.
  • The different service arrangements to render a professional client service are explained as it is applies to a specific environment.
  • The ability to integrate and direct various role players in service arrangements is demonstrate as per organisational requirements.
  • Calculate costing of service.
  • Calculate costing of service and viability of delivering the service to achieve competitive practice, with due consideration of auxiliary services and special client requirements.
  • The influence of service costing on customer and competitive practise are explained.
  • The service costing is calculated based on nature of services and special arrangements as per customer requirements.
  • Control damage and process claims.
  • The process of damage control and incidents are explained as per organisational policies.
  • The procedures to report damage and process claims are explained as per organisational policies.
  • The procedures to deal with claims and referral procedures are explained as per organisational policies.
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively to render a professional services in the workforce.
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively to enhance customer satisfaction and consequently competitive practise
  • Explain and demonstrate effective ways of communication that will enhance customer satisfaction and competitive practise.
  • Select the most appropriate communication technology to be used in order to achieve the desired outcome according company policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrate effective ways of verbal and written communication in the Logistic Environment.
  • Establish and maintaining interpersonal relationships.
  • Explain your understanding of what constitutes interpersonal relations.
  • Recommend new ways for enhancement of relationships according company procedures.
  • Explain requirements for compliance with statutory legislation applicable to company policies and procedures.
  • Statutory Legislation refers to but is not limited to: BATHO PELE Principles

Course delivery and Requirements

This course can be started at any time and is self paced and completely online , You will need an Internet connection and a PC or Laptop to complete this course

This course is applicable to being delivered in house at your company premises, please contact us for a separate quotation.



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