Basic Warehouse & Stock picking Online Short Course

What you will learn in this Basic Warehouse & Stock picking Online Short Course:


  • Record the appropriate information of stock in a warehouse
  • Record the appropriate information about stock, (including quality, quantity, discrepancies, location, destination, receipt and dispatches), using an appropriate recording system.
  • Information that is needed when transporting stock is recorded according to company policies and procedures.
  • The procedures for ordering and recording of stock is explained according to type, product, weight, and value in line with policies and procedures.
  • Information on recording processes are sourced to provide the most recent recording information.
  • Stock Picking- Stock is located and picked with due regard to storage plans, dispatch orders and shipping instructions.
  • Location of goods are identified based on size, codes, labelling and product type.
  • Actions to deal with health and safety emergencies are generated and considered in terms of their impact on production and losses.

Replenish of/or add to stock.

  • Replenish of/or add to stock levels, with due regard to client requirements and available resources (e.g. lifting equipment, supplier commitments, product differentiation).
  • Stock and inventory levels are recorded and reported with minimal disruption to transport and warehouse operations.
  • An inventory control form is completed according to organisational requirements.
  • Documentation to replenish stock is completed according to organisational requirements.
  • Determine the appropriate method of storage.
  • Determine the appropriate method of storage with regard to the type of product (weight, nature, value and inherent vice).
  • The process of storing goods is explained with reference to the relevant legislation and organisational policies.
  • The appropriate method of storing goods is explained with the regard to the type of product, weight and value.


Apply stock control measures.

  • Apply stock control measures (e.g. periodic stock audit results reports) and corrective action upon identification of stock discrepancies (in quantity type and quality).
  • Stock control measures are explained according organisational procedures.
  • Stock control measures are applied to identify stock discrepancies and minimise losses.
  • Stock control measures are assessed and possible improvements recommended to meet legislative requirements and organisational policies.

Course delivery and Requirements

This Warehouse & Stock picking Online Short Course can be started at any time and is self paced and completely online, The course takes 2 Weeks to complete , A certificate of competence will be issued on Successful Completion , This Unit is accredited by SAQA and is part of the National Certificate in Freight Handling   , You will need an Internet connection and a PC or Laptop to complete this course

This course is applicable to being delivered in house at your company premises, please contact us for a separate quotation.



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