Advanced International Trade – Online Short Course

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International trade systems, policies and procedures:

  • Describing and creating the organisation’s international trading functions.
  • The policies and procedures of the organisation to perform international trade transactions.
  • Reporting on the results of international trading activities.


Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of local and international trade:

  • The basics of supply and demand in the global market.
  • The basics of absolute and comparative advantage and the need for International Trade.
  • The basic underpinning components of the value chain.
  • The basic philosophy of international trade agreements.
  • The different modes of transport, and support services in international trade.
  • Comprehension of the Southern African market context.


The basic legal principles applied to shipping:

  • Basic general legal principles relevant for the shipping fraternity.
  • The basics of the Law of Contract.
  • The basics of the Law of Agency.
  • The basics of the law of Tort (Delict).


Responsibilities of a team leader in ensuring that organisational standards are met:

  • The role of a team leader in an organisation.
  • The purpose of the team.
  • The team members to obtain commitment to achieve organisational standards.
  • Implement, monitor and evaluate performance against team objectives and organisational standards.


Basic financial statements:

  • The basic elements of an income and expenditure statement.
  • The basic elements of a balance sheet.
  • Personal assets and liabilities statement.
  • Using the evidence in financial statements to make a financial decision.


The processes and procedures for the administration of import transactions:

  • Conducting import shipment activities.
  • Arranging payment terms and methods.
  • Organising service providers.
  • Conforming to statutory requirements.
  • Processing international trade documentation.
  • Administering international purchase activities.


The processes and procedures required for the administration of export transactions:

  • Planning an export transaction.
  • Sourcing trade finance.
  • Choosing service providers.
  • Conforming to statutory requirements.
  • Finalising international trade documentation.
  • Managing export incentives.


Resolve customer service problems:

  • Dealing with customer service problems.
  • Providing advice and supporting regarding the information received to facilitate problem-solving.
  • Applying the best solution to resolve customer service problems.
  • Implementing the solution to customer service problems.



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