Advanced International Trade – Online Short Course


Course Content

International trade systems, policies and procedures:

  • Describing and creating the organisation’s international trading functions.
  • The policies and procedures of the organisation to perform international trade transactions.
  • Reporting on the results of international trading activities.


Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of local and international trade:

  • The basics of supply and demand in the global market.
  • The basics of absolute and comparative advantage and the need for International Trade.
  • The basic underpinning components of the value chain.
  • The basic philosophy of international trade agreements.
  • The different modes of transport, and support services in international trade.
  • Comprehension of the Southern African market context.


The basic legal principles applied to shipping:

  • Basic general legal principles relevant for the shipping fraternity.
  • The basics of the Law of Contract.
  • The basics of the Law of Agency.
  • The basics of the law of Tort (Delict).


Responsibilities of a team leader in ensuring that organisational standards are met:

  • The role of a team leader in an organisation.
  • The purpose of the team.
  • The team members to obtain commitment to achieve organisational standards.
  • Implement, monitor and evaluate performance against team objectives and organisational standards.


Basic financial statements:

  • The basic elements of an income and expenditure statement.
  • The basic elements of a balance sheet.
  • Personal assets and liabilities statement.
  • Using the evidence in financial statements to make a financial decision.


The processes and procedures for the administration of import transactions:

  • Conducting import shipment activities.
  • Arranging payment terms and methods.
  • Organising service providers.
  • Conforming to statutory requirements.
  • Processing international trade documentation.
  • Administering international purchase activities.


The processes and procedures required for the administration of export transactions:

  • Planning an export transaction.
  • Sourcing trade finance.
  • Choosing service providers.
  • Conforming to statutory requirements.
  • Finalising international trade documentation.
  • Managing export incentives.


Resolve customer service problems:

  • Dealing with customer service problems.
  • Providing advice and supporting regarding the information received to facilitate problem-solving.
  • Applying the best solution to resolve customer service problems.
  • Implementing the solution to customer service problems.



Course Approval


This course is a total of 55 credits which forms part of and contributes towards a Further Education and Training Certificate in Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance, National Qualification Framework Level 4, Unit Standard ID 59298. TETA accredited and registered with SAQA.


This course also forms part of the prerequisite training for the internationally recognized FIATA Diploma.

Course Delivery


The course is delivered through the School of Shipping Learning website and allows you to study at your own pace. The content is divided into manageable bi-weekly modules. Each module is allocated a mentor who is a Subject Matter Expert and will provide you with academic support. A Course Coordinator will also be available on email and telephone to provide you with administrative support.

Assessment and Award of the Certificate


You are not required to write any exams. Assessment are based on weekly assignments completed online. You will need to achieve a mark of at least 60% for each assignment to receive the certificate.




Entry Requirements


The only entry requirement for this course is a desire to learn and advance your career.

In order to do this course, you will need:

  • An email account
  • Access to a computer and the internet
  • Be able to open and read PDF documents
  • Read and write in the English language

This course is applicable to being delivered in house at your company premises, please contact us for a separate quotation.



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