Fruit Exporters Online Short Course

Who needs this Training?

Everyone that is currently employed in the Export of Fruit.

Why do you need this training?

This course teaches you the Logic behind the regulatory controls that lead to the generation of industry specific Documents , this leads to higher efficiency and lower error margins.

What will you Learn ?

This workshop speaks to the need to ensure food safety and pest control in cross border trading

An interactive discussion on :

  • Governance and controls in perishable product cross-border trading.
  • The International Plant Protection Convention
  • The DAFF and NPPO’s,
  • The Perishable Product Export Control Board (PPECB) and other accreditation authorities.
  • Trade agreements between trade partners on cross border flow of perishable cargoes
  • The quality agreements and their requirements
  • Southern hemisphere and Northern hemisphere production countries competing with South African markets
  • The significance of staying current with international trends, regulations & risks in perishable trading
  • The process flow of a consignment from the shipping booking, The QC 67, The PPECB inspection, The export certificate, The forwarding roles and responsibilities, EUR-1 or GSP Form-A documents, Phyto sanitary requirements, The SAD 500, The CoC cert. of origin, The TNPA cargo dues, The TPT THC’s, The Bills of Lading and the Sea-waybill
  • How to stay updated on changing requirements from the market – harmful pests, fungi, etc.
  • Special markets and their requirements
  • Cold treatment shipments


This course is self-paced. You may begin at any time and should take approximately 1 week to complete on a part time basis. 

Course Approval

This Course is Endorsed by TETA and School of Shipping

Course Delivery

The Perishable Exports online short course is delivered through the School of Shipping Online Learning website.

Assessment and Award of the Certificate

This Course has an interactive Quiz

Entry Requirements

In order to do this course you will require:

  • An email account
  • Access to a computer and the internet
  • A keen desire to learn and advance your career

This course is applicable to being delivered in house at your company premises, please contact us for a separate quotation.



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