Surface Freight – Online Short Course

Course Overview

  • Sea freight carriers and agents
    • Unit Standard: 252430 Credits: 4                                                                              
    • The criteria used to select a shipping service.
    • Interpreting liner sailing schedules.
    • The roles of the parties involved in the carriage of goods by sea.
  • Multimodal surface freight import clearances
  • Export surface general non-hazardous cargo
    • Unit Standard: 252433 Credits: 6                                                                                       
    • Planning export surface logistics.
    • Documenting surface exports.
    • The door-to-door movement of export surface freight.
  • Groupage processes and procedures to cargo imported by surface
    • Unit Standard: 252438 Credits: 5
    • Releasing groupage containers for unpacking.
    • Bringing to account overseas and local collect charges.
    • Releasing groupage consignments.
    • Carrying out acquittal and claims procedures.
  • Intermodal surface costings
    • Unit standard: 252440 Credits: 5
    • Planning an intermodal costing.
    • Sourcing and applying intermodal costing components.
    • Applying quality control to the intermodal costing function.
  • The forwarding and clearing of dangerous goods for transportation
    • Unit Standard: 242991 Credits: 4
    • Arranging and evaluating relevant documentation relating to the movement of dangerous goods for transportation.
    • Identifying and classifying dangerous goods.
    • Facilitating the transportation of dangerous goods.
    • Organising storage for dangerous goods.
  • Dangerous goods during warehousing and storage
    • Unit standard: 242996 Credits 4
    • Identifying and classifying dangerous goods in accordance with documentation, packaging and labelling.
    • Handling and storing classified goods and substances.
    • Preparing the dangerous goods for transportation.
    • Taking appropriate actions in the event of accidents in the handling of dangerous goods.



This course forms part of the National Certificate: Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance, Unit Standard ID 59365 as an Elective and contributes a total of 33 credits.

TETA accredited and registered with SAQA.

The course is delivered through the School of Shipping Learning website and allows you to study at your own pace. You may begin and register any time. A Subject Matter Expert and will provide you with academic support through the learning website and a Course Coordinator will also be available on email and telephone to provide you with administrative support.

You are not required to write any exams, assessments are completed online. You will need to achieve a mark of at least 60% for each assessment to receive the certification. Should you not gain competency on your first attempt one more resubmission will be allowed at no additional cost.

The only entry requirement for this course is a desire to learn and advance your career.

In order to do this course, you will need:

  • An email account
  • Access to a computer and the internet
  • Be able to open and read PDF documents
  • Read and write in the English language

This course is applicable to being delivered in house in house at your company premises, please contact us for a separate quotation.



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