Cargo Insurance – Online Short Course

Course Overview

Unit Standard: 120020 Credits: 3

Unit Standard: 120128 Credits: 3

Unit Standard: 252419 Credits: 3

Unit Standard: 252243 Credits: 6

Unit Standard: 120013 Credits: 3

Unit Standard: 120009 Credits: 3

Unit Standard: 117655 Credits: 8


Comply with procedures in respect of lost, discrepant and damaged cargo                                                                

  • Initiating action in the event of loss or damage to cargo within carrier’s time bar limitations.
  • Endorsing documentation for the purpose of preserving rights of claim.
  • Communicating with affected parties.
  • Initiating and finalising claim action.
  • Maintaining appropriate records.

Insurance for the transportation of a consignment of goods                                                                                                                  

  • The transportation risk in a selected consignment of goods.
  • Different types of packaging and the associated risk.
  • Analysing a transportation policy document and producing related documentation.
  • Why insurance on a consignment may be restricted in certain areas.

The law of contract for insurance

  • Law of contract as applied in insurance.
  • The application of legal capacity in an insurance contract.
  • The basic principles required for an insurance contract to be legally binding.
  • Evaluating a proposed insurance contract.

Insurance of goods in transit                                                                                                                              

  • Determining the transit risks and advising accordingly.
  • Arranging appropriate transit insurance for international cargo.
  • Administering transit insurance on behalf of cargo owner.
  • Administering insurance claims procedures.

The scope of transportation insurance

  • The impact of different types of transport on transportation risk.
  • The perils in transportation insurance.
  • The inherent qualities of cargo and the associated risks.
  • Transportation cover.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of transportation insurance

  • The basics of transportation insurance.
  • The different products that a transportation insurance company offers.
  • The role of transportation insurance in international trade.
  • Identifying events in the news that could impact on goods that are in transit.

The basics of marine insurance

  • The basics of Marine Insurance.
  • The practice of marine insurance.
  • The basics of Insurance Claims.



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