In Company – Tariff Classification Training

So far, Tariff Classification has always been that one major obstacle in the import/export environment and workplace. For both the importer/exporter and the clearing and forwarding agent, the Harmonized System (tariff classification) is the foundation for a multiplicity of customs related processes.
Traditionally, classification resided with the experts, those who have either become extinct or the management of today with no time on hand to transfer the required skills. Today, classification finds itself within the usage of systems which only require the touch of a button. But even these systems can be costly, either due to human error or delayed due to incorrect or less experienced decision making.
This workshop aims at providing a basis in respect of the need and probably the urgency for formal “tariff classification” training.

Potential Career Path:
Freight Forwarder
Customs clearing agent
Free agent

What will you Learn in this tariff classification Course?

  • The background to the Harmonised system
  • The WCO
  • ITAC
  • How to classify Commodities within the harmonised system
  • General Rules for the Interpretation (GRI) of the Harmonized System
  • Section Notes explained
  • Chapter Notes explained
  • Subheading Notes
  • The six digit heading concept explained
  • The eight Digit heading concept explained
  • The South African tariff
  • Assembled Unassembled parts Classification rules

We especially invite entry clerks from the Clearing & Forwarding fraternity for this Tariff Classification Training workshop , as well as current and potential importers and exporters
Delivered over 1 day from 08h30 – 15h30 by a Subject Matter expert
Including beverages and Lunch.
TETA endorsed certificate issued.



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