In Company – Perishable Exporters Logistics & Documentation Two Day Workshop

2 Day Workshop

If your staff have not been trained in Perishable Exports at the School of Shipping, then you know they have had no formal training. What they know now they most probably learned from a peer, by osmosis or experience.  Is their knowledge and skills set ensuring that you do comply with regulatory controls for perishable products? Can you demonstrate to your clients that your team is fully trained for this complex part of international trade?

This Two day workshop will demystify the regulatory controls! It is convened either at the school of Shipping or in-house at your premises by our expert who is actively working in this field.  Sharpen your skills and reduce your risk.

Food security gains significance in every market month by month, not year on year! Importers need to prove to their health & agricultural authorities that any perishable product is not just safe for human consumption but that it carries no pests harmful to the import country.

  • 08h30 – 15h30
  • Including beverages and Lunch.
  • TETA endorsed e-Certificate issued
  • Day one – deals with the regulations and the processes .
  • Day two – deals with how to fill in the documents.

What will you Learn ?

This workshop speaks to the need to ensure food safety and pest control in cross border trading

An interactive discussion on :

  • Governance and controls in perishable product cross-border trading.
  • The International Plant Protection Convention
  • The DAFF and NPPO’s,
  • The Perishable Product Export Control Board (PPECB) and other accreditation authorities.
  • Trade agreements between trade partners on cross border flow of perishable cargoes
  • The quality agreements and their requirements
  • Southern hemisphere and Northern hemisphere production countries competing with South African markets
  • The significance of staying current with international trends, regulations & risks in perishable trading

Actual case studies as well as..

  • The process flow of a consignment from the shipping booking, The QC 67, The PPECB inspection, The export certificate, The forwarding roles and responsibilities, EUR-1 or GSP Form-A documents, Phyto sanitary requirements, The SAD 500, The CoC cert. of origin, The TNPA cargo dues, The TPT THC’s, The Bills of Lading and the Sea-waybill
  • How to stay updated on changing requirements from the market – harmful pests, fungi, etc.
  • Special markets and their requirements
  • Cold treatment shipments
  • Why a production fruit basket cannot go to simply one market
  • The significance of governance, due diligence checks required to ensure trade flows smoothly


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