In Company – Introduction to International Trade Workshop

Understand the whole concept of international trade and its effects on the trade cycle and foreign currencies. Understand both bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and the impact of imposing tariffs to imports. Learn how the choice and mode of transport are affected and how international payments are made for internationally traded goods.

Delivered over 1 day from 08h30 – 15h30 by a Subject Matter Expert

Including beverages and Lunch.

TETA endorsed certificate issued.

  • Definition and explanation of local and international trade
  • Reasons for protecting our borders
  • The concept of free trade is explained
  • Trade protection concepts explained
  • The trade cycle and various role players
  • The trade cycle and comparative advantage
  • Bilateral and Multilateral Trade agreements
  • Tariffs Quotas and Subsidies Explained
  • Trade between developed and developing countries
  • The effect of technology on national borders
  • International Logistics mechanisms
  • Modes of Transport
  • Effect of commodity prices, surcharges, transport regulations, ocean liner conference systems, taxes and quotas
  • Choosing the right mode of transport
  • Methods of international payment
  • The role of Banks
  • Forward exchange cover
  • Comparison Between a documentary credit (L/C) and an irrevocable letter of credit

Assessments are not included in Workshops, if you wish to be assessed on this unit standard (252429) in order to obtain 6 credits toward the National Certificate in Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance NQF3, there is an additional charge of R650 Including VAT. Please add these to your basket on the left.



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