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Customs Clearing – Special  with 5 x assessments

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Looking to brush up on  your Customs knowledge before taking the test for the South African Revenue Service preferred trader program? This Customs Clearing course covers all the bases when it comes to customs clearing and will prepare you for framing entries, Calculating Duties and VAT, Valuation, Different Customs and Excise Warehouses to selecting the right tariff heading to avoid costly penalties, Learn about the difference between the Old Customs Act and The New and more ..

Delivered over 5 Days, from 08h30 – 15h30 by a Subject Matter expert

Including beverages and a light Lunch.

TETA endorsed certificate issued.

Day One – *Customs Legislation 2014: US 252416

  • The rationale and scope of the New Customs and Excise Act.
  • Explain the functions, responsibilities and powers of the Departments involved in Customs and Excise Customs and the DTI
  • Identify the key elements of the current New Customs and Excise Act.
  • Understand the consequences of non-compliance.

Day Two – Tariff Classification: US 252434

On day two of this customs clearing Course you will learn how to Classify Commodities logically according to the Harmonised System which is vital for duty calculation

Day Three – *Calculate Duties and VAT and Valuation: US 252414 & 252421

  • Covering the different types of duties payable on commodities from the harmonised classification in the South African tariff. Currency, Rates of Exchange, point of Valuation. Calculate Value. Calculate and Covert Multi Lined Values. Calculate VAT and Ad Valorem Value
  • Calculate the duty payable in terms of the first schedule of the harmonised tariff.
  • Duty Calculation in terms of schedule two.
  • Rebate calculation in schedule three and four

Day Four – Bond and Rebate Stores, Customs and Excise Warehouses:

The Purpose purpose of Customs and excise warhouses and Warehouse Management according to customs guides , License, Registration , Building requirements, record keeping and Removal , from bond stores and More

Day Five – *Complete the Customs declaration SAD 500 US 252425

The last day of this customs clearing course covers, Provisions of Prohibited goods, Transposing clearing information on the SAD 500 Preparing and submitting port/airport carrier release documentation.

Potential Career Path:

  • Entry Clerk
  • Customs Broker
  • Importer
  • Sole Agent
  • Free Agent
  • Data Clerk



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