Classroom Training – ISPS Workshop – General Awareness – Training for Port Security Staff

This workshop can be run over a four hour period as an awareness workshop or over a full day.

ISPS General Awareness Training for Port Security Staff, is aimed at Port Security staff that need to know of the Security threats and Dangers in a port and how to identify, respond and report according to the ISPS Code. This workshop provides the Port Security Staff with the knowledge required to carry out their responsibilities and duties.

This Workshop is only offered In- House for a minimum of 20 people

Workshop Content

  • Threats to the maritime security
  • Common threats within the maritime industry
  • Why are ships and port facilities sensitive to criminal activities
  • Techniques to circumvent security measures
  • How can you, as a port employee, help to prevent illegal situations!
  • Dangerous goods, and products which may be used for illegal activities i.e. terrorism
  • Recognise dangerous goods
  • Recognise dangerous (illegal) items
  • Bombs and explosives
  • Weapons

– Which action can You, as a port employee, undertake!

  • The Port Facility Security Plan
  • The definition of the threat levels
  • The objectives of the Port Facility Security Plan
  • Means of communication
  • What is your task, as a port employee
  • Fitting security measures
  • Recognise suspect behaviour
  • Recognise suspect containers
  • Report suspect behaviour and/or suspect activities
  • Fitting measures
  • Access control
  • Security rounds
  • Illumination
  • Evacuation, crowd control
  • Your input, as a port employee

This workshop is currently being offered in the Western Cape and in Durban.



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